Safety Training & Development

Safety Training & Development

Safety Training & Development

We recently participated in the South Wales Safety Alliance Annual Conference.

Topics discussed were how to maintain a culture of employee engagement, continuously improve and successfully manage change whilst never forgetting the fundamentals of safe working practices. 

Titled “Protecting People and Places – 50 years after the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974”, it was fascinating to learn the reasons around the introduction of the legislation whilst remembering some of the horrific safety incidents that led to many of the improvements that we now take for granted. 

There was a focus on building a sustainable future in our pursuit of Net Zero and also a look towards how AI can be deployed in the workplace to enhance our safe working systems.

The conference finished with a great presentation by the DCWW team, sharing how they have improved wellbeing and mental health within their workplace. 

Supported by exhibitors demonstrating the latest HSEW products and services, we came away feeling motivated to apply new ideas and to continue to make Celvac a safe environment for everyone.


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